Tuesday, 21 August 2012

hello polka dots | handmade bunny | sold

polka dot is lovely.
you know polka dots had killed million of girls like me already.


sold to a man who wanted to get a gift to a child during xmas.

Clownie | Handmade bunny | for adopt

(to a 50 yr old lady that she said she gona give this to her son)

still alive and living with me.

by the way,
i know it doesn't look presentable shooting on the wooden floor,
which might appeared in your house or your grandma house.
but anyway,

here little clownie, my little friend.
they are colorful,
they are stupid but they are well behaved creature.



Mr.Nipple | handmade bunnies | for adopt

the sky blue



or either the red with polka dots.

actually they don't have any cool story to tell,
i make nipples for them just for fun.
i don't really know does bunny have nipple.
they should have more than two,
more than human.

well. it have a price.



Monday, 20 August 2012

Little OMG | handmade bunny | currently living in black hole

each of them have different height, weight, eyebrow, eye, lip, leg, tummy...
and different problem.

oh my god,
is there any problem that without any solution.
when people just used to be surprise on every little problem.

for example
oh my god he is gay,
oh my god my nail is cracked,
oh my god it's raining,
oh my god the dog is starring at me,
oh my god so crowded,
oh my god oh my fucking god,
oh my god what am i going to do.

so, what now,
little omg.

god doesn't know,

stop calling god.


some of them are lost.
I'm going to rescue them.

kaka art market

it's my debut booth at kaka art market.
in these cold ex shopping mall.
it was fun though seeing a lot of different people with passion.
i will be joining the coming kaka art market too.
so bunnies, buck up!

  2 Sept 2012  
 Shaw Parade KL, Pudu