Sunday, 6 January 2013

bunny on cross | handmade bunny on wood | religion for sale

my dad is catholic,
and my mother touch a little bit on chinese cultural belief and buddhism.

i believe in,
nothing much.
totally nothing and no one.

bunny on cross

the reason

color in white, grey, grey/white, black, black/grey, polka dots? or pink? yellow maybe?
and very fuckable, that's fact.
cute and lovely, from human point of view.

the relationship between me and bunny is born with me.
i was borned in rabbit year in chinese zodiac.
and i look like bunny (or rat). it's my nickname during high school.
after that i start collecting little stuff of bunny. but i never have rabbit as a pet.

rabbit is a function-less animal.
it's just us that using them to work for us.
using their skin for winter socks, using their meat for bbq, using them in laboratory for cosmetic test, using their legs for blessing for luck, using them as fun during hunting game.

when i set up a booth.
putting all my bunny up, people attracted by bunnies,
"aww so cute", they said.

so what's the reason im using a cute looking animal with sad life.
why yevon.
stop asking why you bitch.

the christmas market

i have a great christmas last year. yeah i remember it is 2013 now.
making people happy is indeed a good good feeling.
like how nina simone make me feeling good. :D

bringing happiness to people by far is one of the reason I'm making bunnies.
secondly, i have my own land that i could spread anything i want,
anything that bring happiness to myself too.

I'm just a lazy bustard with finger of thousand tones.
i will keep updating,
i will keep making love like bunnies,
making people feel love.

happy 2013 people.
do something.