Wednesday, 1 May 2019


Soon after i came back from my 1 year travel to moon,
me and my-then-fiance,
rolled into another new plan of
renovating our new house.

new haoooossss.

the keywords
in my physical sleep-dream and day-dream.

It took an intensive 2-3 months,
from planning, designing, dimension calculating,
 budgeting, sourcing, installing to everything,
with most of the hands-on diy by ourselves.

• • • • • • • • •


vintage light that shoot me in heart

a 2nd hand vase from my favourite vintage store,

the chipboard idea from the man of the house.
table designed and made by my lovely friends,
Plakar Design

combination of new sofa & 2nd hand furnitures

picture taken in New Zealand

work station of mine

my work room with a built-in store room + bunk bed on top

his sound-proof drum room

good night.
see you in future.

dead greens club

Dead greens/leaf/flower/petal are 
stilled yet extended,
just like the fingers.

framing them is another favourite activity of mine.

compare to the statue of a dying jesus (sorry jesus and his fans),
 dying flowers speaks to me more often.

i picked it right beside the river exactly where i seated in the pic
picked from one of my favourite magical place on earth -
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I remembered reading about this place on a magazine 15 years ago.
And it's indeed full of magic.

• • • • • • • • •

picked from new zealand

• • • • • • • • •

Stones from mountains, beaches and lakes
from the most beautiful country that ive been to,
New Zealand

• • • • • • • • •

i have no idea what these 3 sausages are,
they are some branches and dried-dried,
from Abel Tasman National park who almost kill us
with non-stop walking/hiking in the 3 days.

• • • • • • • • •

Fresh from Bukit Lembing a few months ago,
different shade of death.
picked on ground.

• • • • • • • • •

Tiny Shells,
from Kai Koura, New Zealand &
Nelson Bay, Australia

• • • • • • • • •

unknown (might be bird)
from Anna Bay, Australia

• • • • • • • • •

with love,
Chairman of dead greens club

Happy 21

There's a creature in life that you unable to say 'NO' to,
due to thier big eyes on small face.
and usually we called them 'younger sister'.

She turn 21 last year and she requested a gift from me,
that she wanted my artwork to be inked on her.
This will be her 3rd tattoo.

The brief said,
botanical illustration.

So as a dedicated, humble, passionate, cool and great designer
as self instinct,
to fulfill client's request,
i started to research and study about flowers and the meaning they carried.

I've choose these 6 flowers with great meaning,
that i hope my baby sis can learn through it and to evolve into.
here's the final artwork after a few weeks of hardwork,
created in Jan 2018, Roxburgh, New Zealand.


Days in Kiwiland

When i spent my gap year in New Zealand in 2017/18,
i spent most of the time to
day-dream and breathe basically.

But i promise myself.......weakly and quietly, 
that i will watch a lot of movies, draw a lot, feel a lot,
seek for the meaning of life and the truth of universe if i'm lucky enough.


I just had some chilly days in NZ,
there's no meaning of life hiding behind the mountain.
but life is great undoubtable.

Here're most of the movies i've watch during the trip,
some are great and some are just sitting in my hardrive too fucking long that
i have to get rid of it,

but my favourite is <Le Havre>
for it's breathtaking art direction and the minimal sadness on their face.


Talking about movies,
recently i've watched plenty of chinese movie based on the wind,
head wind.

These 2 are more than perfect.
They will be my all time favourite for very long of my life.
I'm grateful for the impact and re-think that processed in me.


During Autumn 2017,
I am into calligraphy + illustration,
I will draw and 
make it as a gift for the lovely people that i met.