Sunday, 29 September 2013

falling in love with painters.

many times i ask myself,
what the fuck?
who the hell care?

you know.

most of the times when i paint,
i can't stop questioning myself,
why should i paint.
why should i express my feelings towards others.
who care about my feelings.


Recently I've fall in love with a few painters.


henri matisse
1869 – 1954
French artist

Fauvism - wild, daring on colors, rough.
totally touch my heart.

milton avery
1885 – 1965
American modern painter

he is very much influence by fauvism and expressionism as well.
but way more modern and simplicity.


david hockney
1937 - present
English painter and multi talented artist who contribute to pop art movement.

he adore swimming pool.


paul gauguin
1848 – 1903
French Post-Impressionist artist

he is highly influential to picasso and henri matisse.
and he is friend of van gogh which both share same style and thoughts on suicidal.

self portrait


well, most of the influential painters never receive
any positive critique, value and even fortune
before they passed away.

Even Van Gogh,
he only sold 1 painting during his lifetime.
imagine the respect and the money roll on his legacy and paintings
after he passed away.

it doesn't make sense.


well now i would say art is a mix of life.
besides that, nothing else.
whatever come after that piece of art created,
it's all nonsense.

Little market at pipit zakka store, 22 june 2013

a bunch of
Lovely people who made lovely stuffs.

pipit is the very first inspiration and influence on my handmade bugs.
the first time i went to a handmade art market was during
july 2009, art market organized by pipit at Time Square.

this is the bunny that i bought back then from pocoleizi

time flies.
im glad I've done something.
to proved to myself.

Very old school but still,
Thanks pipit.
Thanks to babak my love, my pushing hand.
Thanks bunnies for the company.
Thanks my mum and dad...

(wipe tears)

excuse me
what u achieved?
just made a few bunnies.

Thanks anyway.

where did you go

as a bunny maker, do i care where all the bunnies go.

this is a very special story about one of my bunny.
he is a gift, named eugene.
its for one of my very good friend who lost her boyfriend,
eugene who died of heart failure.
they have been together since forever and now
they are separated forever.

the bunny eugene became sort of like a replacement of eugene.
he have been to everywhere in this past year with my friend.

where have you been eugene?
where did the time go?
where did the lovely people go?

who knows.

in the memory of Eugene.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

a piece of cake - my background music

sharing use to be very rare happen in me. sometimes i just try to talk lesser and lesser.
but here are some very nice music that i would love to share. : )

1.  breathe owl breathe - [magic central], 2010
you will know who they are if you wikipedia them.
i think they came from some kind of very cold place,
thats why they deliver warmth and happiness in their music.


2. vampire weekend - [modern vampires of the city], 2013
they been one of my favorite band who produces joy.
Never too loud and never too easy.


3. motopony - [ motopony], 2011
actually they are one of the indie rock/folk band like any other.
but they just sounds right, very right for me.


everything you can imagine is real - pablo picasso

the lately existence.

back in track, facing the wall of reality full of pins of whatever.
I've been losing my arms and thoughts recently.
being in extremely low productivity situation.


the only thing I've been into is reading.
socrates said, one thing that he know about, is that he know about nothing.
he admit that he is ignorant, but the worst thing is
people even don't know that they are ignorant.

when people busy on building fame and prosperity,
why not build the morality and fulfill the curiosity towards meaning of being.


Franz Kafka said
- never search about the answer all around, you are a question at first.
- never ask about where you are, you are already here.


move your hands, create something.
i'm talking to myself.

(thanks to my lovely mate mimee for lovely company and taking this pic)