Wednesday, 15 November 2017

magic mirror of possibility

The never ending holiday carry on,
i'm here in life have nothing much to do
but there're so much to do as well.

so i decided to add a frame to this goddamn bare mirror that we have.
by making a slot in the woods and attach them together.
we don't have tools and it took us two weeks to make this,
despite of ian keep telling me it's impossible to made.

so here,
the mirror of
"the process of using wrong tools'.
made by tools - saw, screw driver, cutter, hammer, swiss knife

Thursday, 9 November 2017

handmade ceramic ticked

ive been taking classes of handmade ceramic lately
and having a dream to made my own and all of my
tableware next.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

embroidery first poke

since i'm on a nothing to-do-at-all holiday,
so i pick up a needle.
with some help of youtube tutorials, it's not that hard lazy ass.

i love holidays!!

Mrs.swan and yet to born baby swan-mi (garlic)

me and bitchy dolphin

little nature in my pocket

my 3 months back-pack trip to Europe,
are now framed and well kept in box.
we didn't spend much money on buying materials-made stuff,
but we collected little pieces of memories as much as we can.

from cesky raj, czech republic. picked 10 august 2017


 from moselle river, koblenz germany. picked 9 july 2017


from the hague, netherlands. picked 21 july 2017

Saturday, 6 May 2017

the time of life

There're always stations and turning points in the time of life.
unpacked and pack.
hello and goodbye.

it's time i've been waiting for all these while
which i keep talking about it all these while.

it took quite a long while
and it's here.

plans are always ahead of time,
but it's ok, it's always ok.
i have less than 2 months which i'm gonna fill this basket case up
with handmade bunnies.

they are coming along with me
to travel around the world.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017


interpret as
make boyfriend to work.

we got the wood for a year and
never got the mood to do it,
until a sunday with two lazy worm
have a little bit of hope in life.

so we made a bed headboard
and many drill holes.


rabbit wine

i got this beautiful gift from my colleagues for my birthday.
particularly yan who's sewing this. 

it's a wine in a handmade rabbit wine jacket.
how how how sweet.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

fill up the space

the bunny cup
a gift from my baby sister.

as i'm zero productive currently.
i'm here to fill up the space.

Friday, 10 February 2017

bunny bunny bunny is all i crave

i got this sweet little gift from ian.

painted in baby blue,
hand drawn with bunny and carrots.
oh cupid u stabbed on my heart right away again.
made with potato chips bottle?

and you will never know what this for..
even i give it a millions try before i unwrap it.


there's a whole wide world in it.

melt and die.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

boring hobbies talk

one time,
me and ian was talking about how we gain our art sense from young age.
remembering how i adored my dad's key chains collection and notes collection when i was really young.
and how the whole school shared a common interest in stamp collecting.

ian brought up his impressive stamps collection covered in dust.
i was wow. totally blown away.

(here's a glimpse)

i steal 2 stamps from him
and exchange with 3% of my admiration left with me
to make it 100%

dom ci ci dom dom

this suppose to be a birthday present for a drummer,
who happen to be my love one.

who have the most addictive face to watch when he play.


Saturday, 24 December 2016

A gift to baby Shaun

I always like to handmade gift to my friends.

this is a baby fox painting on wood,
for baby shower of Mr. Fox 1st born baby
- Baby Shaun.

He is 2 years old now.

Dong Tai Du 2014

this was happened 3 years ago.
Jan of 2014,
at Dong tai Du Chinese indie music festival, Publika.

i only remember i was sitting there the whole day,
smoking high,
reading <Sophie's World>,
looking at people passing by.

People often feel lonely even when they surrounded by crowd.
i am never lonely.
i am always surrounded by myself.


the trend follower,
the wanna be.

for sale

rainbow bunny

the rainbow bunny
inspired by the rainbow artist care bear that i have.

well, i think the fate of this bunny isn't this colorful.
he live in the dusty past,
and will never see the rainbow anymore.

Mister douche

present to you.
Mr.douche in a bag.


miss piggy

this was a gift to my senior
when i left the job back in 2011.

i can't manage to made kermit frog.
but this wasn't too bad.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

petit cup

handmade petit cup by my love one and me.
we attended a pottery workshop to made our very own cup.

and we have a very own cup now.
that's the end of the story of the cup.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

i'm talking about honesty

After a long dive,
hello posy.

i believe that things will happen if u really want it to be happen.
so i never force myself to work most of the time,
the hands will find it way when they know what to do.

peace is not a cake that u can bake with flour.
i can't pretend to be peaceful.

and I've give up on meditation,
i feel awful to lie to myself,
and putting force onto myself.

I've been busy being with people i love.

hands, they been busy, as usual.


me and my love one was inspired.
we bought some woods
and steal some bricks.
decided to make up his space,
by d.i.y some furnitures.

the honest reflection of mind.

peace come along when your hands being honest.