Tuesday, 2 July 2019


June 2015,
he was 29 and she was 28.
both broke with broken life.
Met the first time in a cafe in a gloomy sunday afternoon.

June 2019,
he is 33 and she is 32.
both fulfilled with peace in mind.
Swear to be husband and wife in a beautiful sunny day.


d.i.y RING BOX

the story of ring box started on a day when i was cleaning my room
and found out, me as an impractical person who owns a lot of unused stuff
in every hidden corner in my house.
i make myself stop buying after the guilt.
well, i'm kidding.

and the story of ring box continued with another day
when i browse through internet and going to buy a lovely wooden ring box,
the little d.i.y fairy came to me.
i started to look for unused box in every hidden corner in the house.
i found this little treasure box waving at me.

so i turn it into our ring box,
by painted the interior in white, make a white felt cushion with 2 slots for rings,
and wrote our initial on the cover.

little d.i.y fairy you are the best fairy of all.



i always believe that,
"whatever that can be made, i can make it too." &
"anyone with feelings can do anything"

so i decided to make my own hand bouquet.
red and white will be the color combination to match with groom's suit.
harmony of colors is what i live by.
another fairy came to me,
but this fairy was a physical one.
that's this one friend who work in online florist
give me a rough idea on how to make my own bouquet.

so i shop at PUDU RIA for flowers. 
i got white peony, maroon rose, eucalyptus, and an unknown little white furball
i followed the instructions of the flower fairy,
and the hand bouquet borned after 2 hours of hard labour.


they live happily after all.

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