Saturday, 24 December 2016

A gift to baby Shaun

I always like to handmade gift to my friends.

this is a baby fox painting on wood,
for baby shower of Mr. Fox 1st born baby
- Baby Shaun.

He is 2 years old now.

Dong Tai Du 2014

this was happened 3 years ago.
Jan of 2014,
at Dong tai Du Chinese indie music festival, Publika.

i only remember i was sitting there the whole day,
smoking high,
reading <Sophie's World>,
looking at people passing by.

People often feel lonely even when they surrounded by crowd.
i am never lonely.
i am always surrounded by myself.


the trend follower,
the wanna be.

for sale

rainbow bunny

the rainbow bunny
inspired by the rainbow artist care bear that i have.

well, i think the fate of this bunny isn't this colorful.
he live in the dusty past,
and will never see the rainbow anymore.

Mister douche

present to you.
Mr.douche in a bag.


miss piggy

this was a gift to my senior
when i left the job back in 2011.

i can't manage to made kermit frog.
but this wasn't too bad.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

petit cup

handmade petit cup by my love one and me.
we attended a pottery workshop to made our very own cup.

and we have a very own cup now.
that's the end of the story of the cup.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

i'm talking about honesty

After a long dive,
hello posy.

i believe that things will happen if u really want it to be happen.
so i never force myself to work most of the time,
the hands will find it way when they know what to do.

peace is not a cake that u can bake with flour.
i can't pretend to be peaceful.

and I've give up on meditation,
i feel awful to lie to myself,
and putting force onto myself.

I've been busy being with people i love.

hands, they been busy, as usual.


me and my love one was inspired.
we bought some woods
and steal some bricks.
decided to make up his space,
by d.i.y some furnitures.

the honest reflection of mind.

peace come along when your hands being honest.

from eden

it's been quite a while.
some leftover chocolate chips on the table.
a cup of tea that turned cold.

I've made this pom pom bunny,
requested by my good friend, eden.
to custom made a bunny for his japanese girlfriend 
before he take a leave to australia.
a gift to filled up his absence while he's away.

such a sweet mind,