Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Acrylic on Canvas | 7"(W) x 9"(H) | for sale


blue and bird.


each one will be the one and only on earth.
with lots of love.



Sunday, 29 July 2012

Roll On

lovely sunday but actually more like a sleepy soul in the sticky weather.
this is my very first individual booth,
respond wasn't as good as expected.

but i am already so proud of myself.
it will keep rolling on,
roll bunny roll.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

F.A.B #7

29 July 2012, sunday, 10 - 6pm

i will be having a booth.
selling some little crap.
: ) 

some message to spread

Why Not


Benefits of being vegetarian
1. Lower risk of lung and colorectal cancer.
2. Prevention of Type 2 diabetes.
3. Healthy skin. 
4. Chemical-free food. 5. Hormone-free eating. 
6. Increased energy. 
7. Lower blood pressure. 
8. Improved digestion. 
9. Lowered risk of diabetes. 
10. Lower grocery shopping bills. 
11. Toxin-free food. 
12. Healthy amino acids. 
13. Low or no saturated fat. 
14. Increased life span.
15. Appreciation for simple flavors. 
16. Healthy cholesterol levels. 
17. Lower risk of cancer. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

why the posy in the ditty

po·sy  n. pl. po·siesA flower or bunch of flowers; a bouquet.
dit·ty  n. pl. dit·tiesA simple song.

one day, i was flipping through the dictionary.
i found a few beautiful words.
it was a lovely day i remember.
i wrote down the few words and i married them together.
so posy in the ditty was born in my head.

while i keep reading them in my head,
it sounds p*ssy in the d*ck to me.
it's the other way round from the usual d*ck in the p*ssy,

it is a nice name,
at least to me.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

the beginning of the story

(ju, jinqyi & me)

we were college mate in art college.
like everyone, we always dream big and just dream,
 dream without action.
we share the same interest in art and zakka.
we promise each other we will have our handmade brand and booth
in art bazaar someday.
we make it somehow.
: )

we touched the dream.

life and work force us to keep the dream at one corner.
life is struggle.
very much killing people.

every time when i look at my to do list and look at the clock,
i wish to break the clock and punch the time.

so here i am again,
saying hey dream, i'm sailing on.

i have a dream,
and my dream is big.

the annoyed white bunny

it was a bloody night,
i was sewing the hands and legs,
making bunnies without blood and meat.
without heartbeat,
without identity,
a bunch of motherless bunnies.

the only thing i do is,
putting soul into them.

they will speak somehow,
they enjoying indie music because they born within boring indie music.
they understand love somehow,
they are pure and white.

they are annoyed by some problems somehow,
just like me.
just like us.

my little annoyed white bunny,
welcome to the bloody world.

Monday, 16 July 2012

some of my friends

the traveler photographer
 miss sadie
 little Rossa
 mr. mustache bob
 long leg judy
 the little omg
duckie wanna be miss.mustard