Saturday, 22 December 2012

holly jolly with bunnies.


i will be joining the coming FUYOH ART BAZAAR during this christmas time.
so see you all then.

night elf. night rudolph. night snowman.
and night my lover, at somewhere far that filled with snow.
merry christmas.

have yourself a merry little christmas

santa is working hard,
miracle is in progress.

all i want for this christmas is,
peace in mind,
and peace on earth.

let's wear the christmas hat on
and have yourself a merry merry little christmas.

1st handmade bunny i made | not for sale

her name is bully bully.
not for sale

and his name is no brain brian
not or sale

butt | not for sale

the gentlemen | handmade bunny | for sale

a random conversation of two gentlemen

this is my favorite series by so far far far.

RM25 each.
thanks : )

the super bunny | handmade bunny | sold

the super bunny brother.

available in grey, light yellow and light blue.
RM25 each
but let me know if you really like them.
i will make them again.

the thinker | acrylic on canvas | 7"x9" | for sell

dedicate to whoever working like cow but look like bunny, 
yay. just like me.


horny bunny in the cage

some horny message to shout! quietly.
to link back bunny's increadibly high productive.

available in poster and postcard

the doted series painting | acrylic on canvas | 7"x9" | for sale

little grey's pink moment

there's nothing like you and i, me and you.
(this painting had being scraped by me)

rain it on my head man, rain it.
(this painting had being scraped by me)

RM40 each.