Wednesday, 15 November 2017

magic mirror of possibility

The never ending holiday carry on,
i'm here in life have nothing much to do
but there're so much to do as well.

so i decided to add a frame to this goddamn bare mirror that we have.
by making a slot in the woods and attach them together.
we don't have tools and it took us two weeks to make this,
despite of ian keep telling me it's impossible to made.

so here,
the mirror of
"the process of using wrong tools'.
made by tools - saw, screw driver, cutter, hammer, swiss knife

Thursday, 9 November 2017

handmade ceramic ticked

ive been taking classes of handmade ceramic lately
and having a dream to made my own and all of my
tableware next.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

embroidery first poke

since i'm on a nothing to-do-at-all holiday,
so i pick up a needle.
with some help of youtube tutorials, it's not that hard lazy ass.

i love holidays!!

Mrs.swan and yet to born baby swan-mi (garlic)

me and bitchy dolphin

little nature in my pocket

my 3 months back-pack trip to Europe,
are now framed and well kept in box.
we didn't spend much money on buying materials-made stuff,
but we collected little pieces of memories as much as we can.

from cesky raj, czech republic. picked 10 august 2017


 from moselle river, koblenz germany. picked 9 july 2017


from the hague, netherlands. picked 21 july 2017