Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Happy 21

There's a creature in life that you unable to say 'NO' to,
due to thier big eyes on small face.
and usually we called them 'younger sister'.

She turn 21 last year and she requested a gift from me,
that she wanted my artwork to be inked on her.
This will be her 3rd tattoo.

The brief said,
botanical illustration.

So as a dedicated, humble, passionate, cool and great designer
as self instinct,
to fulfill client's request,
i started to research and study about flowers and the meaning they carried.

I've choose these 6 flowers with great meaning,
that i hope my baby sis can learn through it and to evolve into.
here's the final artwork after a few weeks of hardwork,
created in Jan 2018, Roxburgh, New Zealand.


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